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Coffee Economy

Coffee as an engine of progress

Coffee cultivation is important for the country from a social point of view, since more than 500,000 families are dedicated to its cultivation, and it is also present in at least 20 of the country’s departments. Therefore, CRECE has a 30-year history related to coffee studies through its socioeconomic and institutional research on coffee regions; evaluations and audits of services or projects in the coffee sector; and evaluations and monitoring of different sustainability initiatives in coffee growing. Some examples are the Program for the Restructuring and Development of the Coffee Regions of Colombia; Quantification of the demand and supply of labor in Colombian coffee growing; and the impact assessments of sustainability initiatives such as Nespresso AAA, Farmer Brothers, 4C, UTZ Certified, among others.

From the social point of view, the cultivation of coffee is of great importance for Colombia.