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Together we contribute to building a better world, providing useful knowledge for decision-making and positive transformation around the countryside and regions.

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We help generate knowledge to help
guide the decisions of national and regional development actors.

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We help create a more efficient, sustainable, profitable and resilient economy for coffee producers.

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We have a 30-year history of carrying out studies and development projects with a regional perspective.

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30 years contributing to the generation of knowledge from a regional perspective.

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We are independent, objective
and flexible in our thoughts and actions.

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We generate effective processes of interaction, participation and dialogue between the different development actors.

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Our strategic research areas

The region

Capacity building is essential for strengthening human capital and that is why we believe that it is only possible through the inclusion of all actors.

Coffee Economy

CRECE is one of the few research centers in Colombia specialized in generating knowledge related to the coffee economy.

Social and institutional

The analysis of policies and programs is key to strengthening institutional capacities in order to promote social development.


CRECE has extensive experience in the development of education and human development studies.

Our clients

A little about us

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