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Mission for the Transformation of the Colombian Countryside (Rural Mission)

It was an initiative of the National Government whose objective was the definition of public policies and instruments aimed at improving public investment decision-making for the country’s rural and agricultural development with a view to transforming the Colombian countryside. CRECE was one of the national entities that participated in the preparation of technical documents that served as input for the construction of the final report of the Mission. The documents made by CRECE were:


i) Analysis of the rural labor market and its implications for the cost structure
ii) Dynamics of land use for agriculture and the behavior of rural land prices, together with Econometrics.
iii) Policies to improve efficiency in agricultural marketing in Colombia
iv) Proposal of a model and institutional arrangement to organize a national system of agricultural and rural statistics.
v) Proposal to encourage investment in agricultural projects.
The methodology used to prepare the technical documents included the compilation of studies and statistics for the preparation of the respective diagnoses and, based on them, the formulation of recommendations, arrangements or models that were widely discussed with experts.


Completion date: The final versions of the reports were delivered between 2014 and 2015.