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Regional Development

The region as a scenario for development

CRECE believes in the autonomous management of development and therefore the participation of the regions is essential for the strengthening of human capital, especially of the institutions of the regions with greater limitations and/or socioeconomic gaps. Under this research area, CRECE seeks to generate information on regional development to guide the decision-making of local, public and private actors in order to apply or develop theories that serve to identify the factors that have conditioned the development of regions. Colombian coffee growers and anticipate changes in the future context with their respective effects on it. Likewise, it helps to formulate and propose strategies to achieve comprehensive development in specific regions, taking into account their initial conditions of human, physical and social capital. The products and services include studies on the economic structure of the regions, based on departmental accounts and input-output matrices; Diagnosis of living conditions in local environments; Studies on regional competitiveness and formulation, monitoring and evaluation of regional development plans and projects.

We believe that the autonomous management of the development of the regions is essential for the development of capacities.